One of the most admirable things that an adult could see in a child is when he has shown a sense of responsibility even in the tiniest of things. Responsibility is often associated with someone’s unfailing fulfillment of certain tasks. But as someone grows up, the scope of his responsibility also widens. Responsibility shown once for a simple task is no longer credited. Most often, more effort is even required for it to get noticed. On the other hand, the tiniest mistake of not keeping it overwhelms the whole universe. The meaning of responsibility has become complicated for it now takes another connotation – avoiding mistakes as efficiently as possible.


Own up to your mistakes

The unfailing commitment that one has done for a particular task is made possible because of his equally unfailing love for it. Mistakes are wonderful tests of that love and commitment. When someone commits mistakes, it is only natural for him to own up to it right away. Though this seems utterly right, doing so is actually as hard as it gets. People have been used to play safe so when a mistake can be justified, they undoubtedly went on. Why risk admitting it and then lose one’s credibility when there are many methods that others have even popularly used? However, when you also do exactly that – concealing mistakes, you can realize in the long run that the complexity of handling it becomes more and more unbearable. The one little mistake calls for series of other mistakes that one day could turn into a big one and totally destroys your life and your credibility that you have always wanted to keep.

If everything in this world always has a good reason, so with committing mistakes and owning up to it. This teaches us a lot of things more than what a safe and satisfactory environment can provide. It teaches us how powerful our every decision and our every action are. Shall we commit mistake and can we bear the consequences that come with it? We come to realize that there is no such thing as a one-time decision. With just a single decision comes many other upcoming decisions and corresponding actions that will certainly change our lives. It is better to own up to our mistakes and to be responsible for them once we commit them so that making the succeeding decisions will be easy and rewarding. Our mistakes teach us to relearn many things that are not quite compatible with our ways. Mistakes are actually doors or opportunities to change us. When we make them, we are given a decision to take responsibility for how and for what we will become. Only when we choose to change for the better, because of this mistake that prompts us, will we realize that we close to what we really want.


Be the one to shape your life

Are you happy with your current state? Do you have satisfaction and peace with what you are doing right now? Are you doing what you really want in your life? Are you living up to your purpose that associates with your talent and skills? Or simply put, in every decision that you make, do your wants and hopes always prevail? If you always have ‘no’ as answers to these questions, then, certainly, you are not the one who is shaping your life.

Life is the term you give to the totality of the decisions you make. In other words, life is the experience you get out from the choices you make. The choices are doors to many pathways. With every choice you make, you unlock a door to one path and this path leads you to a series of more paths gearing towards your success. There can be no problem, you won’t get lost if you would only be consistent on choosing the path, unlocking the doors that are labeled with the dream that you wanted to achieve. But choosing consistently is where the challenge comes in. This challenge is essential in defining the kind of life you will create behind each door, behind each decision that you take. The challenge is more on the consequences. Who, or what, will you lose in order to gain what you want? Who, or what, can you live without in the next door, in the next phase of your life? When you risk choosing to unlock a door where you unknowingly lose something you care for in your life, that’s when you think something goes wrong. You choose the wrong door. You think that probably, your dream isn’t for you. And you are tempted to give up.

Brad Henry puts it nicely, “Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place”.

Our minds are powerful. What we believe, we do. And what we do, we become. If we believe that we can excel in life, our actions follow that. When doing things excellently becomes our habit, so can we define as someone excellent whom success chases. Believe that you can do it and constantly choose the same decision – to continue believing – for what we believe encourages us and what we believe gives us hope. Don’t lose sight of what you believe in. Act according to what your heart believes. And be consistent with the actions and decisions that you make. Be responsible for your life and do not run away from it. Choose doors that open straight to your goals. Shape your life in the way you want it.


Benefits of choosing your life

            Freedom, peace, passion, enthusiasm, happiness and the feeling of really being alive – all these are just some of the many gifts that you can take when you take courage to live the kind of life that you want. It’s the gratitude that you have for being able to pursue what you are passionate about for it gives you a deeper understanding of the many things that surround you. It prompts you to accept people and things as they are and at the same time, it gives you the courage to go beyond what can be, and what needs to be, done. When you believe in yourself, you gain the confidence that you can be what you want and that you won’t need to take advantage of others. With the confidence that you can take it, whatever you want, your perceptions of others are not clouded. You can appreciate both the big and the little things that are happening around you because you can see that all of them, despite everything, live to the purpose of making you a better person. They are meant to make your life wonderful just as how you want it to be. Live it responsibly so that the happiness that you can get from it is really worth it.

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