Coming to a point of questioning your identity could become the most heartbreaking event in the history of a man’s own life. Imagine, you have been living your life for so long years sticking with the sane things that you do and then suddenly, you come across the damnation of all those things, of your whole existence. When you lose direction of what you should be doing, when you question what you have done so far, if they were worth something, when you are wondering if your existence is still valuable to the people around you, questioning yourself has become very alarming.

But be assured. Because when that time comes, you are up for something magnificent, a million-dollar possession!

Who You Really Are: A Great Discovery

You cannot find inner peace and fulfillment unless you know that what you are doing is aligned with what you really want. And the things that you could really want are always in consonance to who you are. If you have doubts about yourself, it’s great news! Since you can realign what you are doing today with what you should be doing tomorrow and avoid committing the same mistakes that will burn you out. One thing is for sure. You are wonderful.

Who are you? Most often, people say that you are the things that you do. But sometimes, we do things that we do not mean. So who can you be, really? When you want to be told who you are, make sure to ask someone who ultimately knows your whole existence. And yes, there can be a lot of answers to that question but to bridge the gap, who you are is certainly defined by the things that you like doing because this ‘like’ makes you capable of doing them even more. This ‘like’ creates and fuels your passion for doing it. And when your passion is there, you cannot find any limits to what you can do, not just for once but for a very, very long time which could even last a lifetime. When you know that – who you are that rooted from your passion – that’s when you can really find meaning in living your life. Your choices are aligned to what you can do.

Reaching out to others becomes easy as you become passionate for people who are involved in your passion as well. Moreover, you tend to be free in choosing the kind of people that you will deal with. Those people, obviously, should not restrict your individual growth! When you know yourself, you would also know how to be treated fairly and lovingly. You strengthen your relationships with people who are essential in your life. Deciding who you are and who you want to be makes you seize the promising gifts of life!

Passionately Fulfill Your Unique Destiny

Always staying in doubt of who you are is toxic. It leaves you incapable of choosing wisely. It leaves you into fear, depression and starving for real happiness. It restricts you to claim your gift of abundance, peace, love and satisfaction which can only be acquired when you are confident with what you are doing which you believe aligns with what you really want to be.

You are meant for something wonderful. You are meant to be happy for real and for everlasting. You are meant to see the meaning of life and then love living it. It is a terrible waste when you miss these things just because you are in doubt of choosing and pursuing them, of opening the doors that leads to them. Because of doubt, which gives birth to fear that you might not have enough, prompts you to stay wherever you are – slippy, muddy, dark, agonizing. These might be represented in many other ways in your present condition.

The bottom line is when you are not happy and at peace with where you are right now and you want to get out, you yearn for more. But when you become who you want to be, certainly, you can feel peace and gratitude which fuel your passion. You never get tired of doing what it is that you like and it is not hard for you to continue believing and hoping for a beautiful outcome. You become open-minded to everything that comes your way, even turning a certainly unpleasant and unfair situation into an opportunity that leads you to a step forward.

If everything in this world has to change, isn’t a negative and toxic attitude, because of disappointments and restrictions, a good thing to be changed? When you know who you are and you are certain that whatever you are doing is according to what you want and what you should be doing – which your nature gives you as an only option to grow, what else of an attitude will you show? Nothing but that of gratitude! You can only multiply what you already have. When you think that you are who you are, that thought resonates to the whole world which is the signal that they have to give way for you because you are determined to pursue what you want no matter what anyway. Knowing who you are makes you realize your purpose, which in turn gives you courage to pursue and endure all the challenges of life with confidence and peace.

It’s in the Relationship

Have you ever wondered what you will do when you finally know who you are? Indeed, you are meant for something greater than just serving yourself. This is because the question of who you are is more rooted from asking to whom do you belong with, with whom do you want to spend your time and effort, for whom do you want to realize your dreams. This relationship defines everything else in your life. When you are genuine, you can look for genuine ones too. Life is wonderful because you live in it with the real you.

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