In this book, the author attempts to help the disabled Christian, their caregiver, and all those who are being taken advantage of as well as those who take advantage of others understand the destructive power this behavior causes, using biblical principles and his own experiences, which has brought him to the realization that people take advantage of others and in many different situations and it goes unnoticed.



Excerpts 1: (pages 11-12)

“We must be free to be our own person in relationships. And when you and I fear rejection in relationships we are not free to be ourselves. We will always be afraid to say what we really feel and when we don’t say what we need to say when we need to say it, then we will act in hurtful ways either to ourselves or to others. All because we don’t act courageously for ourselves our genuine selves. And I believe our fears go deeper than being afraid of being rejected. So instead of being rejected, we must understand why we are afraid in the first place. Let’s discuss the topic of either being qualified or being inadequate.


Excerpts 2: (page 22)

“And so, God did the same thing for Adam and his bride here. But the important thing I want to mention before we go on is the fact that we as people today have a perception of “defectiveness” or “perception of inadequacy” about us that we are born with. In my short experience of 42 years of being in this planet, I’ve noticed from talking to many different people and hearing their stories that they all share something in common: a perspective about themselves. And sometimes it’s healthy, but most of the time, I meet people who have a very low opinion of themselves. They are usually the first ones to confess something negative about themselves, ranging from their looks to the way they eat.


Excerpts 3: (pages 40-41)

“Christ relieves all who come to him of the one rejection we need to be worried about that he faced for all mankind on the cross. When, upon the cross the Son of God, bearing the weight of all the sins of the world felt the agony and despair that awaits all mankind: separation from God His father, which was worse to Jesus than death itself. And now he extends His nail scarred hands to all, offering us a position with him forever that we needn’t be deeply worried that anyone should take from us their love or favor from us ever again.

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