Jedediah A. Roper (formerly known as Paul E. Roper Jr.) was called to teach in the Body of Christ since 2006 after the Lord helped him begin to recover from a severe battle with mental illness where he was hospitalized over 30 times within a six-year period.

As an Air Force veteran and being medically retired from active duty, as well as experiencing many loses in his life, Jedediah has gained a greater appreciation for the deep meaning of suffering and has been blessed with not only his knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit to help those who are suffering as well, and also with a great understanding and compassion to relate to a wide variety of people; but he also has been blessed with a unique opportunity and privilege to use his skills and gifts to bless others and reach out to people who are hurting through writing, teaching, and prayer.

Jedediah lives in Florida. He has one son, whom he loves dearly.

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